The Svea Court of Appeal in the Early Modern Period: Historical Reinterpretations and New Perspectives

2014, 448 sidor

The Svea court of appeal, founded in Stockholm in 1614, represented a new type of a superior royal tribunal in early modern Sweden. While the first century of the Court has merited scholarly attention before this, fresh insights have been gained by asking new questions, using comparative methods and rereading the sources. This volume contains ten essays and a concluding chapter. They shed new light on the Svea Court of Appeal making law, personifying justice and forming part of the power structures of Sweden. The essays also highlight the legal actors: king, judges, litigants and mag­istrates of Stockholm. The volume reinterprets the founding and role of the Court as well as it provides new perspectives on its activity.

Mia Korpiola, General Background: From Judicial Crisis to Judicial Revolution through the Svea Court of Appeal?

  • Mia Korpiola, A Safe Haven in the Shadow of War? The Founding and the Raison d’être of the New Court, Based on its Early Activity.
  • Marko Lamberg, The Tale of Two Courts in One Town: The Relationship between the Stockholm Town Court and the Svea Court of Appeal 1614–1624.
  • Anu Lahtinen, Prolonged Noble Property Disputes in the Svea Court of Appeal: Case Studies from the Early Years.
  • Elsa Trolle Önnerfors, Suum Cuique Tribuere – Give to Each His Own: Court Cases Involving Swedish Nobility in the Svea Court of Appeal 1650–1690.
  • Per Nilsén, Slandering the King and His Councillors: The Svea Court of Appeal and Judicial Practice 1614–1700.
  • Heikki Pihlajamäki, The Court of Appeal as Legal Transfer: The Svea and Dorpat Courts Compared.
  • Jussi Sallila, Entangled in Insolvency: The Svea Court of Appeal and the Making of Bankruptcy Law in Late Seventeenth-Century Sweden.
  • Marianne Vasara-Aaltonen, From Well-travelled “Jacks-of-all-trades” to Domestic Lawyers: The Educational and Career Backgrounds of Svea Court of Appeal Judges 1614–1809.
  • Martin Sunnqvist, Insignia of Independence or Subordination? The Iconography of the Seals of the Svea Court of Appeal.
  • Kjell Å Modéer, Mixed Legal Systems in Early Modern Sweden: Judicial Traditions and Reforms in an Expanding European Great Power.