RB 65

Hägerström’s investigations into the nature of knowledge. It is intended to show the substratum of Hägerström’s epistemological research, namely the dismantlement of metaphysics by the reconstruction of both the possibility and necessity of actual correspondence between subject and object in the cognitive relationship.This is a relationship whose existence is problematic to the metaphysical traditions investigated by Hägerström. Once this is clear we shall see that the primary object of Hägerström’s philosophical investigations is not so much philosophy for its own sake, as philosophy for the sake of object sciences, whose existence depends upon the possibility of correspondence between the ideas of the observer and the qualities of the observed.Hence, this section will illustrate Hägerström’s method of investigation, which is the subjection of the investigated material to a twin epistemological test, which amounts to his conceptual analysis. First, there is the investigation of formal validity (which is a criterion for reality); and, second, the investigation of material correspondence (so-called existence, which is a criterion for object-knowledge).This formulation of the problem, that the object sciences must be validated, entails a tacit principle of disposition to the following sections, according to which the subjectivism of science as well as its alternatives are thoroughly analyzed and tested in order to determine what the a ca l l f o r s c i e n t i f i c p u r i t y 35 Theoretical Philosophy: “Die kopernikanische Umwälzung” part i i , chapter 1 In the following part of this work, the focus will be upon