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M www.olinfoundation.com axLyles, ll.m., is a researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Law, University of Stockholm. A Call for Scientific Purity: Axel Hägerström’s Critique of Legal Science is his doctoral thesis and deals with the subject matter of the genesis of Axel Hägerström’s and the Uppsala School’s theories of law and legal science. In this studyMax Lyles, by emphasizing the essentially positivistic and dogmatic basis of Hägerström’s theories of law and legal science, implies the need of a reinterpretation of Hägerström’s ideas and theory of law, as well as those of the Uppsala School. This is conducted bymeans of two avenues of investigation. First, an analysis of Hägerström’s theories of law in close proximity to his general philosophy, especially his marked anti-metaphysics, which are factors that taken together explain the formalistic criticism characteristic for Hägerström’s legal theory, especially its critiqueof jurisprudence, including natural law and various schools of positivism, as being unscientific. Second, a contextual reading of Hägerström’s theory of law, setting it in relation to the historical development of jurisprudence from Roman antiquity, over rationalistic natural law theory, to modern legal positivism.