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the validity of Konrad Marc-Wogau’s conclusions is that if one analyzes Hägerström’s output post Das Prinzip der Wissenschaft, then one notices that his conceptual analysis thereafter is truly analytic, rather than that of the indistinct form of conceptual analysis presented in Das Prinzip der Wissenschaft. In addition, it can be added that according to the theory of concepts espoused inDas Prinzip dasWissenschaft all concepts are determinately contradictory, and thus indeterminate, as it is logically possible to combine and construct contradictory concepts out of any number of perfectly sound concepts.The methodological problems that such a theory must bring about, are among others the demands that the fundamentals of science must be deserted, which means that the fundamental laws of logic, the principle of parsimony and the correspondence theory of truth and the rest must be forsaken in favor of other (as of yet undetermined) methods. Indeterminateness, as Hägerström defines it, is not synonymous with vagueness, which is an entirely different concept according to his philosophy.The difference is that indeterminateness is primarily a logical issue (and according to Hägerström’s philosophy consequently also an ontological and epistemological issue) while the occurrence of vagueness is a question of semantics and empirical research. Undoubtedly, it may be difficult to understand or define a vague relationship or concept, but it is neither impossible to do so nor is it impossible to find its denotation, which conversely is the case with indeterminate concepts. Furthermore, it is possible to stipulate a non-contradictory definition of a vague concept, while on the other hand it is impossible to stipulate a determinate definition of an indeterminate concept (for “the determinate definition” will still remain contradictory, and contradictory concepts are by definition never determinate). The indeterminate relation or concept is impossible to understand, a ca l l f o r s c i e n t i f i c p u r i t y 107 3. 3. 6 . 3 Excursus: Indeterminateness vs.Vagueness