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It is thus safe to conclude that, as Marc-Wogau and the examples above show, Hägerström’s philosophy underwent a considerable change betweenDas Prinzip derWissenschaft andSelbstdarstellungen. If the aforementioned description of Hägerström’s program of conceptual analysis is kept in mind, then it must be cast in a new light.This is because according to Das Prinzip derWissenschaft it is through the conceptual synthesis that the reality of a (new) concept is tested, rather than being tested through conceptual analysis. Since Hägerström inDas Prinzip derWissenschaft argues that it is the result of a synthesis of concepts that determines whether or nor a concept has any inherent contradictions, it is thus inherently impossible to determine by means of analysis whether or not a concept is fundamentally real. It seems as if Hägerström has confused deduction and induction, analysis and synthesis with one another. In conclusion, what is problematic with Hägerström’s theory in Das Prinzip derWissenschaft is that it does not explain a contradiction or a contradictory concept analytically, through the application of the principles of identity, contradiction, tertium non datur, and parsimony - which, however, the theory of Selbstdarstellungen does. Hägerström’s tacit dissociation from the theory of concepts, the definitions, and relationships of being/reality vs. self-identity and so on inDas Prinzip derWissenschaft in favor of the ideas of Selbstdarstellungen thus becomes understandable, as does the validity of Marc-Wogau’s conclusions that Hägerström’s philosophy after Das Prinzip derWissenschaft underwent substantial changes,227 despite assertions to the contrary.228 What furthermore strengthens p a r t i 1 , c h a p t e r 3 106 3. 3. 6 . 2 “Das Prinzip der Wissenschaft’s” Consequences for Hägerström’s’ Program of Conceptual Analysis: Conceptual Analysis Made Impossible 227 Cf. Marc-Wogau, Studier till Axel Hägerströms filosofi, pp. 53-81. 228 Inter alia Martin Fries, in Hägerström, Filosofi och vetenskap, pp. 253-254.