RS 29

n november 16, 2017 it was my great honour and pleasure to welcome the participants of the conference on ‘Legal History: Reflecting I the Past and the Present. Two Current Perspectives for the Future’. This conference formed a part of the Faculty of Law – and the Lund University–350th anniversary celebrations. The anniversary provides opportunities to reflect on the past and the present, and on continuity and change. The discipline and perspective of legal history is crucial for the development of law and legal science. It enables a critical and multi-facetted analysis of the foundation, function, and content of law and legal science, as well as of the future challenges, possibilities and limitations of law and legal science in our global society. In this context, we, at our Faculty, are very fortunate and grateful that professor Kjell Å Modéer has written a book, published during this anniversary, on the history of the Faculty of Law, with the title “The Obligative Memory”, “Det förpliktande minnet’. This book offers an excellent scholarly analysis of the Faculty of Law and its history for more than three centuries – but also of the direction of legal education, legal science and the legal profession more in general. It was also a particular pleasure for me to be able to welcome so many of our honorary doctors in legal history to Lund. They have all made outpreface